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Discover The Online Blogging Club That Is Structured to Help You Become A Successful Blogger, Irrespective of Your Age or Experience!

Without Bringing Or Referring Anybody, Without Any Whatsapp Chats, And Without Buying or Shipping Any Product.

Notice: If You Have House Rent to Pay, or School Fees to Pay or Any Other Important Projects to Execute, Joining This Group And Implementing What You'll Be Taught Will Help You Make More Than Enough Money to Accomplish These Goals, Guaranteed!

Within 3 Months of joining this blogging club, I was able to double my blog traffic from 10,000 clicks to 94,000 clicks, And my income from $500 US dollars to $1,500 dollars per month

— Kayode Adebayo

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$5,000 Dollars Made From Blogging

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Over 196,000 Yen Earned

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Dear Friend,

My name is Vincent Chukwuma.

I am the Chief blogging instructor at Bixtrary, as well as the Founder of Nigeria’s first Professional Blogging Club!

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you’d have discovered that a while ago, a group of friends simultaneously agreed to gave me a title on Facebook.

The title they gave me was… The Jagagban of Blogging!

And the reason for this title is simple:

I am currently building blogging structures that will make it possible for anyone to become a successful blogger in the shortest period of time possible, without needing to spend thousands of Naira or Dollars to become successful.

As we speak, the blogging structures are already being built…and if you’d like to have a source of income that will empower you to fulfill your dreams and ambitions, then I’ll encourage you to become a member of our blogging club so you can have access to the knowledge, as well as resources you need to become a successful blogger.

The goal of starting this blogging club is to make it possible for each member to start earning, at least, N1 Million Naira monthly through the instrument of blogging, regardless of their tribe, religion, language and experience.

Here's How It All Started...

My desire to create a blogging club to help people start earning, at least, a minimum of N1 Million Naira monthly online started many years ago, when against all odds, I made my first Million online.

In fact, I remember it like it was yesterday…

I had just graduated from university, spent 4 years looking for job relating to what I had studied in school…but it wasn’t forth coming.

Depressed and feeling deflated, I decided to explore other options.

While in University, I had gone through some digital marketing training.

You know, it was one of those “nice-to-have” skills just in-case there may be any need for it.

Well, it happened that there actually was a need for it.

After years of submitting application letter and getting ignored, I finally decided to give my digital skills a chance.

So one day, I went to google and searched for “Digital Marketing Jobs in Lagos”.

The Google Search returned a lot of available jobs that I began to apply to each and everyone of them.

And that was when my life began to take shape.

One day, I was called for an interview in Lekki, with a company that imports Bed sheets and other materials from China, and then sell them to Nigerians.

After passing the interview, I was granted the role of a SEO content marketer.

My major task in that organization was to ensure the company’s website ranked number one in Google Search results, above that of its competitors…and also send out emails to their customer base so they could come back and buy more.

The process of ranking websites when people search for things on Google is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and it is something I love doing.

But There Was A Problem!

The good part of the job was that it allowed me to work and focus on something I actually love doing.

I mean with 6 weeks of joining the company, we had already made N11 Million Naira in sales!

Granted, I wasn’t responsible for the entire sales.

We were actually a team of digital marketing professionals that know their onions when it comes to marketing stuffs online and making sales.

But I contributed my own part in no small measure to the achievement of selling N11 Million Naira worth of bed sheets, pillows and duvets.

Through a fertile cross pollination of ideas, we were able to position the company online from a bedsheet company, to a gift company.

This positioning led state governments and company executives to patronize us in large numbers and bought lots of bed sheets, pillows and duvets which they presented as a gift or reward to their workers.

This was how we were able to sell N11 Million worth of bed sheets within 6 weeks.

But Despite Working at This Job Which I love, There Was Actually A Part of This Job That Crushed My Spirit.

First was the fact that the salary attached to this job was very poor.

I’m sure you’ve also experienced this, right?

I mean…a situation where you pour your heart and soul into your job only to be compensated with stipends at the end of the month.

Well, it happened to me too…

At the time, I was paid a salary of N55,000.

Since the company was in Lekki on the Island, and I was living back then at Alimosho on the mainland, I usually spend the sum of N1,200 transporting myself to and fro work every day.

So in a month, out of a salary of N55,000, I would spend around 36,000 transporting myself to work (even on weekends!).

But that’s not even the bad part…

The part that really got to me was the fact that the salary was not usually paid on time.

Actually, the salary for a given month will be paid on the 5th of the Next Month. That is…the salary of January for example, will be paid on the 5th of February. Salary of February will be paid on the 5th of March!

And for someone who spends 36K on transport on a monthly basis, this was a big deal for me.

Before the 15th of the month, I was already broke and out of money, regardless of how much I cringe and try to “spend wisely”.

As a result, I was forced to live on borrowed funds and bought foods on credit just to survive.

At some point, I had no option but to complain to the management about my situation.

They listened, but weren’t sympathetic at all.

Due to how important my work at the organization was, they actually provided a room for me at the company’s apartment in Jakande, Lagos Island…so that instead of spending 1,200 on transport per day, I’ll be spending just 200.

So I moved over and started living on the Island.

But it was another battle of its own!

Everything on the Island was damn too expensive! And since there’s no good drinking and bathing water on the Island due to excessive sandfills, I had to make arrangements for water which was prohibitively expensive.

Anyway, due to the high cost of living at the Island, and the inability for me to keep up with the expenses because of the meagre salary I was being paid, I decided to Quit!

Yes, you heard me right…

I quitted and moved back to my home at the mainland so I could start up my own e-commerce blogging site…where instead of buying and selling stuff, I would just focus on writing posts about different kind of products, get those posts to rank on Google, and then recommend to my blog visitors, the best store or company to purchase the products they’ve just read about.

This is known as affiliate marketing, and in exchange for sending them buyers, these stores and companies would pay me a certain percentage of the sales they made from my visitors.

But It Wasn’t Easy!

You see, part of what made my job successful while working with the organization to rank their site in Google…was the fact that we were given a marketing budget.

With this budget, I was able to reach out to other content marketers and bloggers and secure what is called backlinks on their site.

This backlink serves as a vote of confidence in the eyes of Google. The more positive backlinks a website have, the more Google sees it as good and trustworthy and as a result, the site will start ranking very high in Google, thereby attracting thousands of visitors and generating millions of revenue every month.

So when I quit and set out to start my own site, my immediate challenge was that I was faced with a lack of marketing budget.

In fact, it was so bad that for nearly 6 months, I couldn’t get my sites to rank on Google because I was unable to build backlinks to my site. As a result, I didn’t even make as small as N1,000 Naira online.

I lost my confidence. I lost my self esteem.

With 16 months of rent not paid, and the landlord threatening fire and brimstone, I was at the verge of quitting again before luck smiled on me.

It was on the month of September. Exactly on the 15th.

My Uncle had just returned from Europe and was really in a good mood to see his relatives.

After visiting and narrating my ordeals to him, he felt sorry and decided to help.

Right there and then, he gave me some money, which I then used as my marketing budget.

And today, the rest is history!

As soon as he gave me the money, I quickly contacted some important bloggers and ask them to link from their blogs to mine.

Some did it for me free of charge, especially since the content on my blog was top-notch. But these kindhearted bloggers were actually few.

The overwhelming majority of them demanded for money before they could link to my blog.

These are bloggers that were actually ranking high at the top of Google. And any link from their site to my own site would be seen by Google as a vote of confidence.

So by having someone whom Google trust to “vouch” for my site by linking to it, Google started trusting my site as well.

And as soon as Google started trusting my site, my site began to rank high in Google whenever people search for what I’ve written about in my blog, and this in turn led to me making a great deal of money!

Within 3 months of acquiring these backlinks from these trusted bloggers, I made my first money in US dollars which when changed to Naira, was the equivalent of 50K.

By the 4th month, it had increased to 120K.

And by the 9th month, through my blog, the buyers I referred to other companies had spent more than $100,000 dollars buying everyday items as you can see from the screenshot below….and I made over N1 Million Naira Online in commission as a result!

And it all happened with the free traffic I got from Google!

A little screenshot of the sales I made with blogging and affiliate marketing that resulted in millions in commission for me

By getting my blog to rank in Google search results, I was able to get several thousands of people to visit my blog. Out of the people visiting my blog, 31,569 clicked my affiliate link and bought over 1,500 products which amounted to $112,753 US dollars which is about 60 Million Naira in sales when converted to Naira.

Achieving this resulted in me getting millions of Naira in commission.  

So I reinvested part of the proceeds of these money into writing more blog posts and acquiring more backlinks.

The more posts I published on my blog, and the more backlinks I acquire to those posts, the more my income skyrocketed!

And since then, there’s been no turning back.

And Today I No Longer Blog As Actively As I used To

Yes, my blog has now turned to a reliable source of Passive income.

So whether I blog or not, my blog has grown to the stage where it produces serious amount of money for me every month.

It doesn’t matter whether I’m in Lagos, or whether I travel out of the country, or whether I spend most of my time playing with my wife and kids at home, I can afford to do all these because I have an active blog that produces money for me, month in and month out.

All I do is to spend about 5 to 10 minutes each day, checking my stats and the income of the previous day to ensure everything is steady and smooth.

If everything is steady, I move on to the next task of the day which is either reading a book, buying some investment assets, playing with my family, taking a nap, or preparing for a journey.

But looking back, it wasn’t so when I started.

It took me close to 2 years…and over N750,000 in both time and cash, spent in acquiring backlinks from other blogs in other to hit such income target.

These backlinks have been enduring…and even when I stopped building more, the thousands of active links pointing to my site have been a stabilizer, making my blog to keep earning more and more income every month, without writing more posts…or building more backlinks.

But it wasn’t so at the beginning…

And…. It Got Me Thinking!

Each time I recollect my past, I realize there are people who are currently in the same position as I was years ago.

I’m talking of…

=> Those who are still owing their Landlords some rent…

=> Those who are earning less than 200K every month…

=> Those who have projects to execute but can’t raise the required funds for it without going into debt…

=> Those who have a website and are struggling to successfully monetize it…

=> Those who have a blog, but can’t get enough traffic to their blog so it starts producing income because they have no budget with which to build and acquire backlinks to their site…

These set of people are currently in a position that I was once.

So I decided to come up with the idea of building a Professional Blogging Club as a solution that will help you make enough money to solve all these problems.

With the Professional Blogging Club, You will be able to launch your own blog, Get traffic to it, and make enough money to…

=> Pay your Landlord his rent as at when due without ever owing again, not even for one day!

=> Pay your children school fees on time, so they’ll be proud of you and won’t have to suffer shame, ridicule and embarrassments from their class mates…

=> Provide and properly take care of yourself, family and loved ones…

=> Buy yourself a new car, if that’s important to you, and…

=> Have enough money to begin and finish that important project you have in mind at the shortest period of time, possible!

Interesting, Isn’t it?


So let me briefly explain what the Professional Blogging Club is all about.

What The Professional Blogging Club Is All About.

The Professional blogging club is an avenue for bloggers across the length and breadth of Nigeria to not just come together to learn about blogging…but also to leverage the resources of each blog to make one another successful.

Let me explain…

When I started my own blog, it took me 15 months to make my first N1 Million Naira and above. In addition to this time delay, I had to spend hundreds of thousands of Naira, paying other bloggers to link from their blog to mine so I can have enough backlinks to start ranking high in Google.

If only there was such a blogging club like this, I wouldn’t have even spent a dime to acquire backlinks from fellow blog members in the club…and it wouldn’t have taken me 15 months to become successful.

This time delay and huge resources it requires to build a successful blog is exactly what I’m determined to put an end to by creating this blogging club.

Today, there are thousands of bloggers in Nigeria who are struggling with their blogs. They keep writing content upon content, with the hopes that their blogs will start ranking high on Google and start making money.

Yet….month after month, their blogs are still not ranking high in Google, and are still suffering from an acute lack of traffic and of course, income.

But with a blogging club of this nature, every blogger in the club will be able to pull their resources together to build backlinks and lift each other up.

And by so doing, we will be able to hit our main goal of the blogging club…which is to help and enable each club member start earning at least, N1 Million Naira monthly from their blogs with either affiliate marketing or Google Adsense, or a combination of both.

Through the blogging club, my goal is to drastically shorten the timeframe…and the resources it would cost for anyone to start a blog from scratch and make it lucratively profitable.

Benefits of Joining The Blogging Club…

1. You’ll learn everything you need to build a very successful blog through our blogging course.

Actually, building a successful blog occurs in 5 stages.

=> Stage 1: Choosing A Profitable Niche.

See, in blogging, not all niches are profitable. Truth is…some niches are very hard to monetize, either by Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing. In addition to that, some niches are more profitable than the other.

One of the reasons why many people struggle to make anything significant from blogging is the fact  that they chose the wrong niche.

In the blogging club, we’ve identified and recommended 10 different niches our members could choose from.

And if you want to raise enough money to settle all your bills through blogging, it is advisable to choose one of these niches.

Basing your blog in one of these niches would surely set the foundation for high income down the line. Don’t miss this for anything!

=> Stage 2: A Well Optimized Website

There’s a difference between a website, and a WELL OPTIMIZED website.

Focusing on a profitable niche is the foundation. To build on it, you need a well optimized website to be able to attract the money flying around in that niche.

There are some very important plugins that will be extremely crucial to your blogging income. Not having these plugins on your site will be very expensive down the line.

In the blogging club, we will show you what these plugins are, how to get them, and how to correctly set them up and optimize your blog for huge income!

=> Stage 3: Contents

One of the mistakes people make after setting up their blog is that they begin to publish any type of content they like on it.

Again, this is one of the reasons why they struggle to make money with their blogs.

Truth is… if you seriously want to make enough money through blogging, you have to publish content that has to do a lot with either what people are searching for, or what will interest/entertain people who would be visiting your blog.

And of course, there is a way to do this correctly in a way where it will bring in much cash for you.

In the blogging club, we will show you all you need to know when it comes to publishing the right type of content.

=> Stage 4: Monetization Strategy

There are 3 major ways to make money with your blog.

One is through Affiliate Marketing. Another is through Adsense, sponsored posts and advert placement on your site, and the other is by selling your own products or services.

But out of these 3, which one is best for you?

In the blogging club, we will start with both Adsense and Affiliate marketing.

But not just starting with those, we will take you behind the scenes and show you some secrets about each of those monetization methods that other bloggers do not know…which when implemented correctly, will seriously make you a successful blogger.

=> Stage 5: Traffic and Conversions

Once the contents are up on your site, and your monetization method has been setup, the next step is traffic, traffic, traffic!

Traffic is the amount of people visiting your blog each day…and it is the life of every blog.

If enough people are not visiting your blog, you definitely won’t make money. There’s no alternative to this.

So the question is… how do you get people to visit your site?

There are 3 major ways…

One is by building backlinks to the posts on your site so it ranks higher in Google Search Results. When it does, people searching for things on Google will be compelled to visit your blog if it’s ranking at the top of Google.

The second way is by making your posts go viral on social media. And there’s a way to encourage people to continuously share your posts online.

The 3rd way is simply by running adverts to the posts on your site.

In our blogging club, we start with building backlinks across member’s blog and then progress from there to paid traffic if you choose, of course.

Although we recommend using more than one source of traffic (and monetization) so your can continuously be of the safer side. However, One good thing is that you can choose which traffic method or combination of traffic methods you want to use, depending on how soon you want to start seeing results from your blog.

2. You Build Your Domain Authority Fast By Acquiring Backlinks to Your Blog Without Guestposting Or Doing Any Manual Outreach.

One of the reason why people struggle with blogging is that they can’t attract Traffic to their blogs. Traffic is the act of getting people to visit your blog.

To attract Free traffic to your blog without paying for it, you have to get the posts which you’ve written on your blog to rank at the top of Google for what people are searching for.

But here is the problem…

To get your blog to rank on Google, you need to acquire links from other bloggers. These links serve as a vote of confidence that will make Google Trust your blog and begin to rank the post on it very high so that people searching on Google for things you’ve written about can see your posts, click on it, and head over to your blog to read it.

But getting other bloggers to link to your blog is not easy.

Before now, you’ll either have to pay bloggers to link to you, or you’ll have to manually begin to search the internet for other bloggers in your niche, try to get their email addresses (which they make difficult to find) and then sending them an email about a post you’ve written and begging them if they’d be gracious enough to link to you.

This process is known as blogger outreach, and it is one of the most time-wasting activity in blogging because your email may end up going to the spam folder and the blogger may not even see it, or they may not even reply your email, not to talk of linking to you.

If for example, you need around 500 links to rank above your next competitor in Google search results, can you imagine how frustrating and tiring it will be to gather the contact contact email of 500 bloggers, crafting and sending an email to each one of them and end up getting rejected?

Alternatively, you can do what we call guestposting…where you write a post, add a link from that post to your site, and then give the post out to other bloggers to publish on their site.

Again, this can be so tiring.

That’s why, as a member of our blogging club, you don’t need to go through all these tiring and frustrating route to acquire backlinks to your site.

Our system will automatically connect and match you with the thousands of bloggers in your niche so they can easily link to your blog, free of charge!

Note, you’ll have to pay the favor forward by also linking to that of another blogger. This way, everyone wins. It becomes a win-win for everyone.

You’ll build your domain authority faster, and grow your blog and income faster than you ever thought possible!

3. You Learn How to Use Affiliate Marketing to Multiply Your Blog Income

There are 3 basic way of earning money with your blog. But the two most easy ones are through affiliate marketing, and Adsense.

Right inside the training, you’ll learn how to use your blog posts to promote affiliate products, as well as how to get those affiliate posts to rank very well in Google, so it attracts visitors who will purchase the affiliate product you’re promoting.

4. You’ll Also Learn Several Tips On How to Increase Your Google Adsense CPC

One of the problems most bloggers have is thr issue of low adsense CPC.

In case you’re not aware, CPC stands for Cost-Per-Click and it is the amount Google pays you each time someone clicks on the adverts that Google place on your blog.

In this training, not only will we teach you some secrets on how to increase your Google Adsense CPC, right in our blogging Forum, we will also be sharing several tips that will help you increase your adsense CPC, including how to run several adsense experiments that is geared to increase your CPC.

5. You Get to Network With Other Members of The Blogging Club.

Beyond getting matched and connected with other bloggers to build backlinks, as a member of our blogging club, you’ll also have access to our members forum where you can ask questions and get reply both from me and other bloggers.

Sometimes, in the world of blogging, you may experience some technical issues or difficulties. Not knowing what to do about them or how to resolve them could seriously slow down the progress of your blog.

However, by getting access to our support forum, you’re certain that all of your questions and issues will be answered and resolved so you can continue to make progress on your blogging journey.

With all of these put together, we are certain that you’ll be able to hit the main goal or objective of our blogging club is to help each member to start earning at least, N1 Million Naira monthly online….with as little effort as possible.

As you already know by now, blogging is one of the quickest and fastest ways to earn a decent amount of living online.

And I know by now, you may be wondering…

How Much Would This Cost?

Well, the truth is… access to this practical, training has been made relatively affordable for everyone who wants to positively change their financial life for good.

It is for this reason that we’ve reduced the membership price of the blogging club to just an affordable, one-time payment of 50K.

And to make it further easy for you, if you can’t afford 50K in one lump sum, you can choose any of the Installment Payment option on the checkout page so you can divide the payment into several monthly payments that will be super convenient for you. 

To make payment and join the blogging club, all you just need to do is to click the button below, go over to the registration page, choose your preferred payment plan and make payment.

Please Note that we partner with Paystack, a payment processing company to handle all payments on the registration page, and I can confidently assure you that all precaution has been taken to fit the payment page with military-grade maximum security so that your payment details are safe WITHOUT storing them anywhere on our servers or their own servers.

And as a member of our blogging club, you’ll also have 50% discount to any of our blog related service in the future Including our blog Troubleshooting Package, if you decide to sign up for them.

Interesting, right?


And That’s Not All…

For Your Peace of Mind, You Also Have Access to My Ironclad Guarantee:

For the avoidance of doubt, there is a 100K guarantee waiting for you!

Yes, we are so confident of the blogging process we are about to put you through, and we encourage you to go through it and see for yourself.

I assure you personally that if you join our blog club, go through the our blog training and implement all you’re taught, including building backlinks to your blog, you will definitely start making at least, N1 Million Naira monthly between 6 to 18 months, depending on your work schedule.

I personally guarantee that if you implement what you’re taught, you’re definitely going to see results.

And in the event of a strange scenario where you implement what you’re taught without seeing results for a maximum of 18 months and above, I’ll personally give you the sum of N100,000 as a compensation for wasting your time.

Yes, that’s how confident I am that this blogging club will change your life.

So to get started right away, click the link below and become a member today!

And I assure you that your life will get better as a result of this decision.