About Us

Bixtrary was formed as a solution to some of the problems encountered in the field of content marketing.

It aims to reduce the time frame it takes to produce content and putting that content in front of the right people by eliminating most of the time-consuming activities that’s usually associated with the process.

Content is the currency of the web…and as an organization, we believe that internet users deserves high authoritative content that addresses whatever they’re searching for or interested in.

Fortunately business owners are willing to put forth content as a marketing tool that will help attract their ideal clients.

When done right, content marketing will help businesses attract their ideal clients by ranking higher in Google, and getting referral traffic from other third party sites.

However, writing great content is just one part of the process. The other part is in the promotion of that content and putting it in front of the right people.

And this is where the problem lies…

In order to put their content in front of the right people, businesses have found out that leveraging the reach, authority and audience of third party platforms is a very fast way to accomplish that.

Unfortunately, this consumes a lot of time, and money to get this done.

It usually involves doing tons of research to discover those websites where your potential clients/audience possibly frequent online.

And when that is done, the next step is to get the contact details of these websites, pitch them, asking for either a link or an opportunity to guestpost on their site, and then wait for about 2 weeks to hear from them due to the volume of email pitches they get each day, assuming it’s a very busy site.

And then the back and forth email communication begins…

Finally, your post gets published, but it’s almost after 6 months of writing the first draft.

And then you repeat the whole process all over again.

This time wastage is exactly what Bixtrary was created to solve.

We’ve created a channel that quickly connects most business owners and webmasters of third party platforms and allows them to publish their posts without sacrificing quality in any way.

Which means business owners and marketers can now focus on producing great contents without worrying about promotion…

While bloggers and webmasters can now get high quality contents to publish on their site without spending time to email, edit and sort through the numerous content offers pouring through their site, many of which are of low quality.

From the experience of business owners and marketers, this often results in a hard dollar profit for them as they can now quickly get their posts on third party platforms and greatly increase the possibility of acquiring customers fast without breaking the bank.

And from the perspective of bloggers and webmasters, they now have access to high quality content to satisfy the demands of their audience and other internet users who could be searching on Google for topics they’ve already published about.